Randy Padorr-Black

This commercial designer and illustrator from Dallas, finds his true creativity in his recent series of collage and abstract paintings, giving him infinitely more fulfillment. The featured works are bold, simple and thoughtfully energizing.  


Randy Padorr-Black has received more than 400 awards for design and illustration over the years and have decided to pursue a less ephemeral expression of his creativity through traditional art making. Creating mostly pieces whose value as a method of communication expired after a couple of weeks in the commercial world, his collage and painting is his real passion, infinitely more fulfilling and carries greater meaning over time. Appearing in several gallery shows in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, he’s encouraged that his decision to pursue fine art has been the right one.

He has appeared in three gallery shows in 2019: Artspace 111 Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas; Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, Texas; Frisco Arts Gallery, Frisco, Texas.

Additionally, Randy taught college as an adjunct for 20 years at Marywood College, Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Brookhaven College, Texas Christian University and University of Texas at Arlington. He has a BFA in Communication Arts and resides in Dallas.