From his Dallas studio, Ryan entrenches his high style in boldly stated works of oil on paper and wood canvases. His graphic sense comes through with smooth precision but often surprising you with peeks of texture and pops of color.   


Ryan Oswald’s artwork is influenced by a minimalist design sensibility. I approach all my work with a focus on structure and careful execution; this reflects my training in graphic design as well as fine arts. Simplicity and ultimately spatial function is the goal in these nonrepresentational works. The environments in which his work will exist are an integral part of the overall vision; as each object directly engages with the space it occupies. The hard-edge compositions explore shape, color, and grid structures using refined design techniques. Experimentation with different materials and process is important to making breakthroughs and he is always pushing his work into new areas of discovery. His work has been published and achieved creative honors among industry organizations. 

He received his MFA from Louisiana Tech University and now resides in Dallas. His studio is located in the Dallas Design District.